This incredibly sad photo shows a puppy covered in blood sucking ticks as he was left on the stoop of a local animal shelter. While ticks can also infest humans, they commonly go after furry creatures like dogs and cats, this pup was host to an unusually large number of them. Hundreds of ticks were found in his ear and all over his body.

This poor dog was taken in by an animal rescue team after being left on the animal shelter's stoop. After caring for the dog, the animal shelter attempted to put him up for adoption.

Ticks can be black, brown, or tan, and they have eight legs. Ticks are arachnids and related to spiders, not insects. They can also be tiny. Some tick species are only as large as the head of a pin, so look carefully.

If you or anyone you know should find an animal like this covered in ticks, be sure to take them to a local vet. If you cannot afford the care of a vet you can try some homemade methods for tick removal.


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